BSPD Membership Changes and Direct Debit - Frequently asked Questions

How do I register on the BSPD website?

‚ÄčPlease go to the BSPD website at At the top right hand corner there is a button which asks you to either “Log in or Register”. Please click this and follow the on screen instructions. You will require your membership number to log in if you have never previously registered with our website. This can be found on your latest membership email from the Society. If in doubt please contact the administrator


Will the Society need to see proof of my income?

No. BSPD will not be asking members to provide evidence of their annual earnings. 

Do I need to change my subscription to direct debit? Can I keep paying by standing order?

Direct debit is the most cost effective and efficient way for the Society to take annual subscriptions and will help keep membership costs to a minimum.  Therefore, whilst it will still be possible for you to pay by standing order, we hope that members will support the Society by moving to payment by direct debit. 

I wish to pay my fees yearly by debit/credit card, is this possible? 

Yes. However by paying this way the Society incurs further costs.  We would encourage members  to pay by direct debit if possible.

When will direct debit payments be taken?

The Society will email you at least 10 days in advance of any direct debit payment you will make. Subscriptions fall due from the 1st September each year and payment will be taken by direct debit accordingly.  

What happens if I forget to cancel my standing order and I’ve paid by direct debit?

If you have accidentally overpaid, please contact our administrator at and a refund will be issued. 


What happens if my direct debit payment doesn’t authorise for any reason?

If this happens, the Society will receive a notification to this effect. The Society reserves the right to make an additional £10 charge for the extra administrative costs that this will incur.

I have changed banks mid-way through the year. How do I change my direct debit?

You can log onto your BSPD online account at any time and make alterations to your direct debit details. Failure to inform the Society of any changes to your bank detail may result in failed payments and a charge may be payable.