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Children’s anxiety addressed thanks to BSPD 2024 Outstanding Innovation Award winner
BSPD welcomes water fluoridation consultation announcement as ‘monumental’
BSPD requests questions at Health & Social Care Select Committee panel enquiry
BSPD welcomes Government’s new dental recovery plan but flags absence of dental contract reform
BSPD President demands end to unethical age-profiling dental X-rays
BSPD writes to new Secretary of State for Health & Social Care highlighting negative impact of sugar on children’s health, whilst urging against conflict-of-interest
BSPD’s ground-breaking dental neglect policy updated and published in IJPD
BSPD advises members to discuss immunisation with patients in response to measles reports
BSPD welcomes supervised toothbrushing plan targeting 20% most deprived children
BSPD introduces oral health infographic in 5 languages reaching CORE20PLUS5 CYP’s most vulnerable children
BSPD pushes for equitable children’s oral health at 2023 conference
BSPD commits to further diversity improvements, as Society welcomes new President, Professor Paula Waterhouse
BSPD announces winners of the 2023 Max Horsnell Travel Award & National Student Elective Prize
BSPD President visits Downing Street in support of ‘Free School Meals for All’
BSPD launches ‘Rights from the Start’ initiative
Born from pandemic, new model virtual paediatric dentistry clinic wins BSPD 2023 Outstanding Innovation Award
BSPD welcomes publication of ‘Oral Health Psychology’ textbook
UNICEF trains BSPD on children’s rights
BSPD invites member submissions for Outstanding Innovation Award 2023
BSPD announces awards & poster prize winners at Scientific Conference