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BSPD Conference 2019 - Hearts and Minds 11th-13th September, Birmingham’s Repertory Theatre.
BSPD wecomes evidence-based mobile phone dental advice for parents
Toothfairy at the Palace
BSPD endorses award-winning BabyBuddy app
Paediatric dentist wins award for her outstanding leadership in research
Hey Duggie!
BSPD welcomes new cFPM study 18 Feb 2019
BSPD Response to Christopher Snowdon's obesity/sugar opinion piece - Sunday Telegraph 6 January 2019
BSPD Response to NHS Long Term Plan Press Release 7 January 2019
BSPD Honour!
The jigsaw of care essential to tackle dental neglect
NSPCC Celebrates Jenny Harris's Contribution to Safeguarding Children
Brilliant Brush DJ wows BSPD – Outstanding Innovation Award now open for 2019 entries
Study highlights important direction for DCby1
Research into the impact of compromised first permanent molars wins BSPD 2018 research prize
BSPD 2018 Conference Press Release: Prevention and empathetic dentistry is critical in management of dental caries in children
From Dubai to Dundee - In the right place at the right time - BPSD Conference 2018
New guidance on infant feeding from expert committee - BSPD welcomes input and collaboration
Launch of Mini Mouthcare Matters
Isle of Wight survey May 2018 - BSPD response