Awards and Prizes

The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry encourages innovation in oral health initiatives as well as the highest quality of child-related oral health research, audit and evidence-based clinical practice. To recognise excellence amongst members, the Society awards seven categories of prizes on an annual basis.

These comprise: the Max Horsnell travel award; National Student Elective Award; Research prize; Clinical prize, Poster prize and Clinical Governance prize. Entrants for these prizes are sought from members who have not yet attained senior clinical or academic posts. Specific details relating to each of the prizes and the selection process are detailed below. Members may apply for a travel award and any one of the other prizes in a given 12-month period. However, the abstracts must relate to different pieces of work.

No entry for a prize, or for presentation at the BSPD national conference, should have been presented previously at a national or international scientific meeting. Previously published work should not be submitted either.

Past Prize & Award Winners

Clinical Governance Prize (previously the Audit Prize)

2015 - Amy Hyde

2014 - Laura Gartshore

2012 - Urshla Chaudhry

2011 - Jessica Howell

2009 - Lucy McClean

Clinical Prize

2015 - Abdullah Casaus

2012 - Collette Gardener

2011 - Suzi Carew O'Donnell

2009 - Henry Wong

Research Prize

2015 - Nabina Bhujel

2012 - Siobhan Lucey

2011 - Abeer Al Namankany

2009 - Antoniella Busuttil Naudi

Poster Prize

2015 - Michelle de Souza

2012 - Andrew McKay

2011 - Julie Kelly

2009 - Purvi Shah

Max Horsnell Travel Award

2017 - Laura Gartshore and Fiona McDowell

2016 - Shaunine Gallagher and Jennifer Kirby

2015 - Janine Bailey, Amy Patrick, Amanda Roberts and Helen Rogers

2014 - Samiya Subka and Efi Theodorou

2013 - Fiona Gilchrist

2012 - David Auld

2011 - Elnaz Aliakbari

2009 - Rose-Marie Daly

DCP Prize

2015 - Rebecca Barnard

2013 - Helen Spencer

2012 - Louise Bentley and Lorna Robson

The National Student Elective Award 

2017  - Yen You Lim

2016 - Niamh Grant

2015 - Megan McCann

2014 - Becky Coulter

2013 - Nicholas Longridge

Outstanding Innovation Award

2017 - Ingrid Perry of Teeth Team