Awards and Prizes

Important Announcement regarding 2020 BSPD prizes and abstracts

Following the postponement of our 2020 conference, we have written comprehensive Q&A on the management of prizes and abstracts. In summary:

Abstracts already submitted to the conference website will be held over to the 2021 conference. Anyone who wishes to withdraw or change their abstract and/or category will be able to do so once the abstract portal re-opens.  We will send a notification and details of how to do this when the portal re-opens.

Prizes for Research, Clinical Governance, Clinical Case and Undergraduate will be judged virtually this year for those who wish to compete still.

Submissions for this year’s prizes should be made to the Society’s Administrator – details below – the conference website submission portal should no longer be used.

The new deadline for submissions is 31 May 2020.

The main poster and DCP poster competitions will not run this year. 

Q. What do I need to do if I want to enter any of the prize competitions this year?
A. You will need to submit your abstract to BSPD Administrator Neil Sutcliffe by the new deadline of 31 May 2020. You can do so by completing this Google Form. If you have already submitted an abstract via the online system you MUST resubmit via Neil so that we know you wish to enter this year. You can choose to enter a different category of prize (this probably applies only to those wishing to swap from main poster to one of Research, Clinical Governance, Clinical Case categories) but, please note, the only poster prize running this year is the undergraduate poster competition. Equally, if you had already submitted an abstract as a non-prize abstract, you may now submit to the prize competition if you are eligible and wish to do so.

Q. I was planning to submit an abstract but was not able to do so before the submission system was closed. Can I still submit for consideration for one of the prize competitions this year?
A. Yes, if you wish to take part in this year’s prizes competition please submit your abstract to Neil by the new deadline 31 May 2020. You do not need to have already submitted an abstract to do this.

Q. How will the Research, Clinical Governance and Clinical Case prizes work?
A. As usual, the judges will be members of Conference Abstracts and Prizes Committee who will select up to six submissions in each category. All entrants will be informed of the judges’ decision by 1 July 2020.
The finals for all three prizes will take place in a video conference session with two to three judges on Thursday 17 September 2020. Finalists will be notified of the appointed time for their presentation six weeks in advance and asked to submit their slides two days ahead. They will undertake a 10 minute presentation by video-conference in a closed session, with up to five minutes of time for additional questions from the judges. Full details for the slide submission and video-conference will be sent nearer the time.

Q. How will the Undergraduate prize work?
A. All of the abstracts will be considered by the judges and up to 10 will be selected as finalists. All entrants will be informed of this decision by 1 July 2020. The 10 finalists will have to submit their poster electronically by Monday 14 September 2020. The posters will then be judged without any interaction with the finalists. Precise details of poster submission will be sent to the finalists in due course.

Q. What are my options if I am not successful this year?
A. If you enter a poster prize competition for this year but are not shortlisted, you can still enter your abstract for the 2021 conference and if you have already submitted you will be free to change the text or the category in the meantime. Alternatively, you can withdraw your abstract altogether. It’s important to let us know what you plan to do. When we inform you of the judges’ decision, we will send details about how to do either of these things.

Q. Will my abstract be published in the IJPD supplement?
A. All of the finalists selected in the four competitions will have their abstract published in the IJPD 2020 Autumn supplement. If you are unsuccessful, your abstract will not be published this year, but if you choose to keep your abstract in the system for 2021 and it is selected, it will be published in 2021.

Q. I don’t wish to enter any prizes this year but still want to have my abstract considered for the 2021 conference. What do I need to do?
A. You do not need to do anything at present. Your abstract will be held in the system and considered after the closing date for the 2021 conference (31 March 2021). If you wish to edit your abstract (for example, you may progress further with a case or project and wish to add new data), you will be able to do this until the 2021 deadline once the portal re-opens. Equally if you wish to change category you may do this. We will send a notification and details of how to do this when the portal re-opens.

Q. I had submitted an abstract for 2020 but don’t wish to enter any prizes this year nor have my abstract considered for 2021. What do I need to do?
A. Once the abstract portal re-opens you will need to log back into the abstract submission system and withdraw your abstract. We will send a notification and details of how to do this when the portal re-opens.


The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry encourages innovation in oral health initiatives as well as the highest quality of child-related oral health research, audit and evidence-based clinical practice. To recognise excellence amongst members, the Society awards seven categories of prizes on an annual basis.

These comprise: the Max Horsnell travel award; National Student Elective Award; Research prize; Clinical prize, Poster prize and Clinical Governance prize. Entrants for these prizes are sought from members who have not yet attained senior clinical or academic posts. Specific details relating to each of the prizes and the selection process are detailed below. Members may apply for a travel award and any one of the other prizes in a given 12-month period. However, the abstracts must relate to different pieces of work.

No entry for a prize, or for presentation at the BSPD national conference, should have been presented previously at a national or international scientific meeting. Previously published work should not be submitted either.

Past Prize & Award Winners

Clinical Governance Prize (previously the Audit Prize)

2018 - Maalini Patel

2017 - Lucy Ridsdale

2016 -  Reham Alharatani

2015 - Amy Hyde

2014 - Laura Gartshore

2013 - Pathanjali Kandiah

2012 - Urshla Chaudhry

2011 - Jessica Howell

2009 - Lucy McClean

Clinical Prize

2018 - Ciara Feeney

2017 - Sarah Jane Snape

2016 - Sophie Hughes

2015 - Abdullah Casaus

2014 - Ajit Tanday

2013 - Kathryn Jorgenson

2012 - Collette Gardener

2011 - Suzi Carew O'Donnell

2009 - Henry Wong

Research Prize

2018 - Greig Taylor

2017 - Rebecca Knapp

2016 - Laura Gartshore

2015 - Nabina Bhujel

2014 - Shilpa Patel

2013 - Emily Keene

2012 - Siobhan Lucey

2011 - Abeer Al Namankany

2009 - Antoniella Busuttil Naudi

Poster Prize

2018 - Veryan Pettigrew

2017 - Clement Seeballuck

2016 - Jennifer Lawson

2015 - Michelle de Souza

2014 - Fiona Hogg

2013 - Samiya Subka

2012 - Andrew McKay

2011 - Julie Kelly

2009 - Purvi Shah

Max Horsnell Travel Award

2019 - Laura Timms

2018 -  Louise Bowyer and Oliver Sumner

2017 - Laura Gartshore and Fiona McDowell

2016 - Shaunine Gallagher and Jennifer Kirby

2015 - Janine Bailey, Amy Patrick, Amanda Roberts and Helen Rogers

2014 - Samiya Subka and Efi Theodorou

2013 - Fiona Gilchrist

2012 - David Auld

2011 - Elnaz Aliakbari

2009 - Rose-Marie Daly

DCP Prize

2017 - Beth Powe & Emma Brown

2015 - Rebecca Barnard

2013 - Helen Spencer

2012 - Louise Bentley and Lorna Robson

The National Student Elective Award 

2018 - Emma Morgan

2017 - Yen You Lim

2016 - Niamh Grant

2015 - Megan McCann

2014 - Becky Coulter

2013 - Nicholas Longridge

Teachers' Branch Bursary

2018 - Khaled Al Mukhtar

2017 - Claire Reid

2016 - Alex Rushworth

2014 - Heather Coventry

2013 - Amanda Roberts

Outstanding Innovation Award

2018 - Brush DJ

2017 - Ingrid Perry of Teeth Team