Teachers' Branch

The BSPD Teachers' Branch is open to all those involved in teaching Paediatric Dentistry. It meets annually, usually for a study day ending with the AGM, on the Tuesday immediately preceding the Society's Annual Scientific Conference.  Membership is not restricted to academics.  All Society Members involved in teaching paediatric dentistry in any capacity are welcome and encouraged to join the Branch and attend its meetings.

Although the meeting is held immediately before the Society's Annual Scientific Conference, you don't have to be attending the conference to be able to join us, although it is certainly worth attending. But those restricted by time or financial restraints must not be put off by assuming they need to attend the whole event.

Teachers Branch Bursaries

Teachers in Paediatric Dentistry - BSPD Teachers' Branch Bursary Eligibility Criteria

Teachers in Paediatric Dentistry - BSPD Teachers' Branch Bursary Application Form

Trainees in Paediatric Dentistry - BSPD Teachers' Branch Bursary Eligibility Criteria

Trainees in Paediatric Dentistry - BSPD Teachers' Branch Bursary Application Form

Useful Links

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Committee members
Chair Laura Gartshore
Past Chair:
Nigel Willmott
Chair Elect:
Helen Rogers
Council Representative:
Amanda Roberts
Hon Secretary: Fiona Hogg
Hon Treasurer: Katherine O'Donnell
SAC Representative:
Sondos Albadri
CAPC Representatives:
Jinous Tahmassebi
Shannu Bhatia


Fiona Hogg, Branch Secretary