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New SDF resources:

New SDF video made by and for children.  Click here to view.
Patient PIL on Silver Diamine Fluoride for printing. Click here to view.
Standard Operating Procedure for SDF. Click here to view.
Consent Form for SDF. Click here to view.
An SDF background powerpoint. Click here to view.
A short SDF demonstration video. Click here to view.

Trauma Guidelines added! Click here to view Trauma Guidelines.

Mini Mouth Care Matters

GIRFT - Outpatient activity coding in Paediatric Dentistry - Information for secondary care trusts

BSPD also produces resources for patients and parents or carers

Download: A practical guide to children's teeth
Download our guide: Advice for parents of children with autism

Download a sample questionnaire to accompany the guide: Advice for parents of children with autism

To find out more about Dental Check by One or to download resources that support the campaign, visit our website:-

Access webinars produced by the CONNECT Dental Trainees Research Group here.

Download BSPD branding guidelines here