Fees & Categories

Full Membership £60

Open to dentists entitled to practice in the United Kingdom

International Membership £40

For dentists registered outside the UK

*Associate Membership £40

For those in the Dental Care Professionals (DCP) or Postgraduate Dental Students

*Student Membership £15

Available for Undergraduate Dental Students and student DCPs

Retired Membership £40

Open to all retired dentists who were entitled to practice in the UK

If you would like further details about joining the Society, please download the application form or contact the BSPD Administrator.

*Applications from Postgraduate and Undergraduate students must be accompanied by a letter of confirmation from the institution in which they are currently studying.

An Honorary Life Membership may be given to a member who is considered to have made contributions of major character to the advancement of child oral health. The individual must be recommended and elected for this post by members of the Society.