Fees & Categories

Current Membership Categories and Fees

Please note that your membership runs for the calendar year from January - December. However, if you are already a member of BSPD your subscription to renew your membership falls due in September of the preceding year. 

The followng membership categories and fees are being applied to new and existing members.

Full membership

Full membership is available to all UK GDC registered members of the dental team, and overseas registrants currently working/training* in the UK. All full members will have full voting rights, be permitted to hold Branch or Exec office, and will be able to apply for BSPD-funded grants and awards and present at the annual conference.

Associate membership

Associate membership is available to all UK non-registered members of the dental team and overseas-registered members not currently working/training within the UK.  This includes retired members, undergraduate students*, international members, and other non-dental team members.

*Applications from Postgraduate and Undergraduate students must be accompanied by a letter of confirmation from the institution in which they are currently studying.


£90 for full and associate members earning over £45,000 gross per annum

£63 for full and associate members earning between £30,616-£45,000 gross per annum 1

£25 for full and associate members earning less than £30,615  gross per annum 2

£25 for associate retired associate members

This will include Agenda for Change staff Bands 6 and 7.

2 This will include Agenda for Change staff Bands 4 and 5.

*Any trainee paying significant fees for their training should deduct the fees from their earnings before deciding on their subscription level.

Please note that members will be required to self-select their subscription level. BSPD will not expect members to provide evidence of their annual earnings and we will rely on members correctly selecting their individual subscription band.

An Honorary Life Membership may be given to a member who is considered to have made contributions of major character to the advancement of children’s oral health. The individual must be recommended and elected for this post by members of the Society.

If you would like further details about joining the Society, please contact the BSPD Administrator at