BSPD Campaigns

We are campaigning to:

  • Ensure that all children are seen by a dentist by the age of one.  See our Dental Check by One page
  • Ensure that all communities in the UK have access to a paediatric dental specialist, within a reasonable distance, ideally including the availability of ‘out of hours’ advice and urgent dental care services
  • Support the training and development of dentists with enhanced skills in the treatment and management of children to ensure that appropriate care can be delivered close to home
  • Promote research into all issues affecting the oral health of children through our members’ journal, the International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry and our membership and support of the Cochrane Global Alliance
  • Explore the feasibility of a national programme of prevention, promote availability of fluoridated water and increase access to fluoride varnishes and toothpastes, with the aim of reducing inequalities in oral health. See our position statement on water fluoridation