BSPD Clinical Prize

Value of award: £300

Entry criteria:

This prize is open to BSPD members and seeks entries from non-consultant grade (or equivalent) clinicians.  If you are not already a member of the Society, you can join at the same time as submiiting your abstract.  Clinical cases should demonstrate complex, novel or multidisciplinary treatments provided for a child and should satisfy one or more of the following criteria:

  • Involve any advanced restorative, prosthetic, periodontal, surgical or orthodontic treatments
  • Involve a multidisciplinary input to treatment planning and provision of care
  • Involve short and, ideally, long term management of complex trauma cases
  • Involve short and, ideally, long term management of patients with dental anomalies
  • Involve comprehensive treatment provision for patients with significant medical histories
  • Involve diagnostic and treatment approaches for patients presenting with rare or unusual oral pathology

It is expected that presenters will have personally performed some of the treatment, not just undertaken a diagnostic work up, for the patient they present.

Entry details:

An abstract should be submitted electronically to the BSPD Conference Abstract and Prize Committee (CAPC) by 31 March of the year in which the paper is to be presented. Abstracts should adhere to the format required for conference abstracts as described in the submission process.

Judging process:

Abstracts will initially be appraised by the CAPC and up to six entries, which best meet the entry criteria and standards, will be invited to present their work at the annual scientific meeting.  Participants will give a 10 minute oral presentation which will be followed by five minutes of questions.  Presenters will be assessed by three members of the CAPC according to standard criteria. The winner will be announced at the conference dinner. Applicants who are not selected for this prize will be invited to present their paper as a poster (non prize category) at the conference.

Judging criteria:

Mark sheet for abstracts

Prize judging form