Specialists' Branch

The Role of the Specialists' Branch

The Specialists' Branch supports specialists in Paediatric Dentistry, whether working in the hospital or primary care setting. It ensures that individuals and agencies, both government and private, are given the relevant information in order to include specialist paediatric care in their decision making processes.

The Specialists' Branch is open to all members of the BSPD whose names appear in the Specialist List in Paediatric Dentistry held by the General Dental Council. There are currently approximately 200 members in the Branch.

Further details about the requirements for entry on the Specialist list can be found in the 'Registration' section of the General Dental Council's website.

Further details about the role of the Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry are given in the Consultants and Specialists in Paediatric Dentistry publication.

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Committee members
Chairperson: Dr Jayne Owen
Past Chair: Dr Susan Kidd 
Chair Elect: TBA 
Secretary: Dr David Auld
Treasurer: Dr Andrea Aspinall
Council Representative: Dr Susan Kidd
Committee members: Dr Sarah Davies

Dr Helen Tatham
  Dr Clare Ledingham
  Dr Sophie Marshall


David Auld, Secretary