Mission Statement

Mission statement and three-year strategy


The identity and remit of the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD) were reviewed in 2008, under the leadership of Professor Elizabeth Davenport (BSPD President, 2007-2008). The Society’s priorities and strategic development were discussed by executive and council members. The resultant outline strategic plan was then circulated to all members for comment. In order to take these discussions further, it was agreed by the BSPD Executive of 2010-2011 that the Society should work to a clear and realistic 3-year strategy so that key priorities could be identified and achieved. This document represents the revised 3-year strategy which will guide the work of the Society in 2017-2020. A review of this document will take place in 2019, in readiness for publication in 2020.

Mission statement

To ensure that all children receive high-quality and accessible oral health care, and to keep children’s welfare and well-being as our primary concern

Three-year strategy

Delivery of healthcare in England continues to face unprecedented change and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are also seeing re-organisation of care. This presents both threats and opportunities to the delivery of the best oral health care for children.  BSPD has been well represented on Department of Health working groups to agree care pathways for Paediatric Dentistry and it is paramount that we continue to be and are seen to be the expert voice for children’s oral health.

Therefore the Society’s first priority area is to continue to manage and influence this process where possible by:

  • Continuing to engage at the highest levels in the reconfiguration of dental services (e.g. with Chief Dental Officers, Departments of Health, Ministers for Dentistry and commissioning bodies) to ensure we have a voice in the future restructuring and commissioning of children’s dental services
  • Contributing to National Guidelines and Curricula which will define the skill set and training of advanced practitioners
  • Raising our profile as an advocate for the child and their oral health and for the professionals involved in delivery of oral health care whilst supporting the need for ongoing national surveys of child dental health, increasing our membership (across all categories of membership especially Dental Care Professionals) and fostering liaison and collaborative working with other health care agencies and professional groups
  • Increasing our public engagement (including the production of Patient Information Leaflets) and delivering a media strategy (to include the use of social media), to ensure we are in a position to engage with and deliver a co-ordinated response to media enquiries.

The second priority area will be concerned with maintaining and developing a high-quality service. This will be achieved by:

  • Developing, endorsing and disseminating best evidence, guidelines and clinical protocols to the public and healthcare professionals
  • Improving children’s dental health through support of community-based programmes for oral disease prevention, innovation and clinical expertise.
  • Continuing to identify a need for, develop and disseminate policy documents and evidence-based clinical guidelines through the BSPD Policy and Clinical Effectiveness Committee and supporting the production of high-quality systematic reviews through the Cochrane Oral Health Group Professional Global Alliance, ensuring that child- friendly versions of these documents are published. Developing, disseminating and signposting to patient information leaflets for Paediatric Dentistry, also made accessible to the public via our website.
  • Promoting national and international collaborative research to help secure the evidence base for all aspects of paediatric clinical dental practice, develop the skills of researchers and advance scientific frontiers in Paediatric Dentistry.
  • Promoting teaching, continuing education and training to maintain and further develop a high quality and effective workforce and leadership.
  • Improving knowledge and understanding of safeguarding for children through collaboration with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health to deliver joint training for specialists in paediatric dentistry.
  • Ensuring that everyone in the dental profession is aware of BSPD and those who are committed to working in the field understand the benefits of membership, which include subscription of the International Journal Paediatric Dentistry and reduced delegate rates to BSPD Annual Scientific Conference.
  • Delivering an Annual Scientific Conference which showcases the work of BSPD and fosters partnerships with industry.


BSPD Executive Committee 2016-2017