Outstanding Innovation Award

This award was established to recognise, and encourage, the work of BSPD’s members in the area of innovation. By providing positive publicity for the initiative and its creator(s), the Society aims to encourage, promote and disseminate good practice. The deadline for applications for the 2025 Award is 31 December 2024.

Entries must be made on the standard application form and applicants may include information about/illustrations of any relevant resources in a single attachment (up to 5 pages A4). All entries must be projects initiated or managed by BSPD members and the project must be UK-based. Entries will be judged against the criteria by a sub-committee of BSPD Executive comprising the president, past president, the honorary editor and the BSPD spokesperson. Each member will score the projects independently and the sub-committee will then meet to agree an overall winner. The PR consultant will attend the meeting as an observer. The sub-committee may offer commendation for any exceptional projects that do not win.

The criteria are as follows:-

  • Alignment with the mission statement of BSPD (10 points);
  • Innovative nature of the project (10 points);
  • Extent to which project provides a benefit to children and/or young people (10 points);
  • Extent to which project addresses oral health inequalities (10 points);
  • Involvement of relevant stakeholders (5 points); and,
  • Presentation of entry (5 points). 

Applicants will be notified by the end of February. The Award is then presented each year at the Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting in September and includes the following for the successful applicant:

  • free entry to attend one day of the meeting;
  • one night’s accommodation and UK travel, booked in line with the Society’s Expenses Policy;
  • allocated time in the conference programme to give a 20-minute presentation about the project; and,
  • a press release, including photograph, disseminated to the dental press.

Please send completed forms for consideration to