Become a BSPD Member

Anyone in the dental profession with an interest in Paediatric Dentistry is welcome to join the Society.  There are full and associate membership categories which encompass our growing groups of members. These include dentists, Dental Care Professionals (DCPs), dental and DCP students, international members and all members of the dental team. You do not need to have a dental qualification to be a member of BSPD, just a passion for children’s dentistry. 

The current costs of membership is £60 for full membership for GDC registered dentists, £40 for an associate membership and  £15 for a student membership.

To join please complete our application form and email it to our administrator at who will send you payment instructions. We are currently making changes to our website and soon you will be able to join online.

Commencing from the 1st January 2021 subscriptions and membership categories will change. These changes will apply to subscriptions and membership categories for 2021, and the new fees will be requested in September 2020. There will be two types of membership, full and associate. For further details please see our fees & categories page. 

If you would like further details about joining the Society, please contact the BSPD Administrator.

Update your membership details

Please log in and select 'Update My Details' from the left-hand menu. Alternatively you can download our Membership Information Form, and email it to