Mini Mouth Care Matters

Mini Mouth Care Matters (Mini MCM) is an initiative created to empower medical and allied healthcare professionals to make every contact count, and ensure they are addressing oral health when a child or young person either resides within their care or is seen as part of their usual clinical (or non-clinical) contact.

The principle of Mini MCM is to encourage teams to “lift the lip” in order to identify common oral and dental conditions, and to include oral health as part of holistic health care for all children and young people.

Mini Mouth Care Matters training provides teams with the knowledge, skills and tools to ensure oral health care needs are identified and key prevention messages are shared. It incorporates an oral health screening tool to identify patients who may be at a high risk of developing dental decay as we know unmet dental need has the potential to lead to long-term detrimental effects in children including pain, sepsis and compromised growth and development.

Mini MCM was initially funded by Health Education England and is supported by the Children and Young People’s Transformation Programme within NHS England for the training of non-dental health care professionals when addressing children’s oral health.

Resources are currently available for use in a number of settings including paediatric in-patient wards and special education settings.

Included is an oral health screening tool to identify patients who may be at an increased risk of developing dental decay. A video on how to complete the mouth care assessment and recording tool is available to view here.

Further videos are available to provide support on the following matters:-

How to complete a mouth check.

How make a reasonable adjustment.

How to complete a remote oral health check-in.

Also available is a range of posters to use on the ward or in staff rooms, including the Mini MCM Elwood the Elephant mascot to remind all responsible for the care of children to ‘never forget’ mouth care.

Developed by Oosh Devalia, a Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry and funded by Health Education England, Mini MCM is endorsed by BSPD. For more information read our press release here.