PCE Committee

The Paediatric Dentistry Policy and Clinical Effectiveness Committee (PCEC) was formed in 2003 by the amalgamation of the BSPD Policy Committee and the Clinical Effectiveness Committee of the Consultants in Paediatric Dentistry Group. As such, it works on behalf of both groups. It is also associated with the Faculty of Dental Surgery Clinical Effectiveness Committee (CEC). Members of the group represent the BSPD Council and the Consultant's and the Trainees Groups.

The group meets at least two times a year. Other ad-hoc meetings and telephone conference calls are arranged to deal with urgent matters.

The PCEC has a number of roles:

  • Reviewing and developing the BSPD policy documents.
  • Responding to important issues on behalf of the Consultants' Group in Paediatric Dentistry and BSPD.
  • It is directly answerable to the Consultants group with respect to the development of Clinical Guidelines and the BSPD with regard to Policy Document development.
  • It is involved in the process of arranging systematic review of the literature as part of the protocol for guideline and policy documents.
  • Produce and distribute the Clinical Effectiveness Bulletin.

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